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  • 30min Yoga Flow w/ Mylène Leclair - Intermediate

    This 30-minute yoga class is led by teacher Mylène Leclair and focuses on elongating the body and pushing the limit of participants’ flexibility. She focuses on unfolding the spine, walking participants through each step of the more complex movements progressively, adapting them for various level...

  • 30min Yoga Flow w/ Mylène Leclair - Beginner

    This 30-minute yoga flow, taught by teacher Mylène Leclair, is the ideal practice for a recovery day or for a quick workout in the midst of a busy day. It focuses on both elongating the body and engaging the core. Throughout the class, Mylène provides many grounding cues, urging participate to tr...

  • 30 Minute Beginner Yoga Flow with Asami Martens

    This short 30 minute yoga flow focuses primarily on twists and side stretches. The goal of the practice is to bring participants to breathe deeply and to calm the mind, in preparation for recovery.

  • 30 Minute Power Yoga Flow with Brandon Dawson-Jarvis

    This 30 minute power yoga flow will allow participants to expand their personal practice by exploring poses that focus on shoulders and arm balance. Power yoga is more dynamic and focuses more specifically on strength building than traditional yoga.

  • 30 Minute Vinyasa Flow with Mylene Leclair

    Vinyasa yoga is a carefully crafted sequence of smooth transitions from one posture to another with a deep connection to the breath. This 30 minute session has been paired with a curated playlist to help participants lose themselves in the music, all the while deepening their practice.