Titles Available for Purchase

  • Getting Started Pack

    4 videos  |   Buy $31.50

    A foundational series of videos that we've created in order to help newcomers of all levels reach a base level of fitness.

    The goal is to ensure that individuals acquire the basics in order to pursue the type of fitness regime that is best suited for their needs and goals.

  • Nutrition + Recovery BUNDLE

    4 videos  |   Buy $12

    This bundle includes the entirety of our series dedicated to nutrition, featuring our holistic nutrition practitioner, Danielle Levy. It also grants members access to a 30-min Restorative Practice led by Val.


    1 video  |   Buy $9.50

    This 30-min hybrid workout combines some light cardio to get the blood flowing with some functional strength training and a full body stretch. Val focuses on both perfect form and improving overall posture. The workout calls for both a light set of dumbbells (ex: 5 lbs) and a mini band but can be...


    1 video  |   Buy $9.50

    Val designed this 30-min mini band workout for those with little access to equipment and a finite amount of space at their disposal. Making use of a light or medium resistance mini band, the workout centers on a circuit that participants will complete twice, followed by a short stretch. It target...