NUTRITION + RECOVERY with Val & Danielle

NUTRITION + RECOVERY with Val & Danielle

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NUTRITION + RECOVERY with Val & Danielle
  • Nutrition #1: Introduction & Key Concepts w VAL & DANIELLE

    In this first segment of our nutrition series, Val and our holistic nutrition practitioner, Danielle Levy, delve into a few key concepts related to nutrition, as well as some language that will be essential to understanding the future instalments of this series. After some very brief introduction...

  • Nutrition #2: Hot Topics w VAL & DANIELLE

    Val and Danielle are back for this second instalment of our nutrition series and are diving into HOT TOPICS! After receiving hundreds of questions over the last months and in our latest survey, they dive into our 6 most frequently discussed topics and strive to debunk them.

  • Nutrition #3: Tips & Tools w VAL & DANIELLE

    Val and Danielle are back for the final instalment of our nutrition series to discuss the practical applications of their approach to nutrition. How are you grocery shopping? What are you doing to make your relationship with food exciting? The answers to these questions are part of the tips and t...

  • 20min Post HIIT Stretch w VAL

    A quick, 20-min stretch that was designed to help keep the body supple on daily basis, releasing the muscles that work so hard. Using specific pressure points, Val coaches participants on how to rid themselves of accrued tension, simultaneously helping to rid themselves of discomfort and avoid in...

  • 30 min Restorative Practice with VAL

    This 30-minute restorative practice was designed by Val to allow participants to pause and connect with their body. The objective is to free this moment of all distractions, put your phone on airplane mode and explore the various stretches included in the practice. Jen and Vagg both join her to h...

  • 30-Minute Full Body Stretch with VAL

  • 10-Minute Full Body Stretch

  • 20-Minute Full Body Stretch

  • 15-Minute Full Body Stretch with VAL

    This 15-minute stretch was designed by Val with the intention of focusing primarily on the lower body. Throughout the stretch, she executes a series of poses that focus on extensions of the legs and hips, all the while encouraging participants to pay attention to their breathing. The upper body i...