7 Seasons

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  • 30 min Full Body Strength with VAL - #13

    Episode 1

  • 30 min Functional Full Body Strength with VAL - #15

    Episode 2

    This 30-min workout is a functional full body strength session, dedicated to targeting very specific muscle groups with each exercise. The workout is performed using one lighter and one heavier dumbbell, as well as a light resistance mini band. Adaptations can be made to perform the bulk of the w...

  • 30 min Lower Body & Core Strength with VAL - #17

    Episode 3

    This 30-minute workout is the third instalment of Val’s PUMP strength training series and focuses on developing the lower body and the core strength. The workout is structured around a shorter series of exercises that all focus on amplitude and volume to be as effective as possible for participan...

  • 30 min Upper & Core Strength with VAL - #18

    Episode 4

    This 30-minute upper and core strength workout is the second instalment of Val’s PUMP strength training series. Lining up a strategic set of drills, Val uses two different sets of weights to get the most out of smaller and larger muscle groups respectively. Every exercise is explained and adapted...

  • 30-min Full Body Strength FOR RUNNERS with VAL

    Episode 5

    This 30-minute full body strength training is the first instalment of Val’s PUMP strength training series. It targets all areas of the body and, because it is structured on a system of reps, it is easily adaptable for all levels. Though Val does use dumbbells, the workout can be performed with bo...

  • 30 min Prenatal /Low Impact /Light Strength with VAL - #16

    Episode 6

    For this 30-minute session, Val has switched up her typical training partner to bring in Marjorie and design a low impact Xpress workout. Though it is ideal for women in the prenatal phase of their pregnancy, it is also a terrific postnatal workout and a good fit for someone looking to avoid jump...

  • 30 min Booty, Abs & Stretch with VAL - #20

    Episode 7

    This quick, 30-minute Xpress workout encompasses everything that you need to squeeze in a complete workout at any point in your day. Val kicks it off with a light warm up, moving into a series of slow, controlled movements that target the specific muscle groups and ending with a full stretch. Par...