7 Seasons

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  • HYBRID - SPINNING with VAL - #13

    Episode 1

    This 30-minute BURN spin ride includes a 10-minute segment dedicated to grounding exercises, performed on the bike itself. After a 20-minute section structured around 6 high intensity songs, the recovery segment completes the ride through a key series of stretches and breathing exercises.

  • RELEASE - SPINNING with VAL - #12

    Episode 2

    This 30-minute spin ride is structured using Val’s signature BURN method, focusing on a series of intervals and perfect posture. The ride is divided into two sections that will leave riders sweating! Each section focuses on a curated selection of three songs with varying intervals. Participants w...

  • THE CLIMB - SPINNING with VAL - #11

    Episode 3

    The CLIMB spin ride focuses on strategically making use of the resistance on the riders’ bikes to help them achieve a maximum burn throughout the class. Riders will be asked to establish 3 base levels of resistance (low, medium and high) and will then be prompted to shift between them, using both...


    Episode 4

    This 30-minute HIP HOP spin ride is built around a curated assortment of old school tracks that will leave riders feeling both nostalgic and energized. This ride maintains a high speed instead of working in intervals, adding mini sprints to elevate the heartbeat in the midst of it all. It focuses...

  • WERK - SPINNING with VAL - #09

    Episode 5

    Val’s WERK spin ride is a 30-minute class with all the traditional elements of her BURN method. The ride is structured around two, 12-minute sections of intervals and a curated playlist of hip hop and old school beats to get riders through the grind. Val strives to get riders’ heartrates up from ...

  • DEEP DIVE - SPINNING with VAL - #08

    Episode 6

    Throughout the DEEP DIVE spin class, Val urges riders to focus on specific cues to guide the intensity of their efforts. They’ll be prompted to pay attention details such as the weight transfer from one side of their body to the other, to their breathing and the activation of their core.

    She in...

  • ENERGY - SPINNING with VAL - #07

    Episode 7

    Val’s ENERGY spin ride is built around a skeleton of intervals, meant to be adaptable to any level of experience or type of bike. Focusing on a curated selection of nine songs (including a recovery song), the ride is broken down into three sections, which all vary in intensity. Though the beginni...

  • ELEVATE - SPINNING with VAL - #01

    Episode 8

    The ELEVATE SPIN RIDE is a class designed by Val that combines HIIT training with rhythm-based beat spinning. Just like the forthcoming instalments of Val’s spinning series, this initial class is built to accommodate riders of all levels, all the while accounting for the varying ranges of equipme...

  • RISE - SPINNING with VAL - #02

    Episode 9

    The RISE SPIN RIDE is the second instalment of the series of signature PUMP spin classes and it was created to help participants reach new heights when it comes to their own cardiovascular capacity and endurance. With Val's numerous years of experience at the forefront of the coaching, the class ...

  • FUEGO - SPINNING with VAL - #03

    Episode 10

    As the third instalment of the series of signature PUMP spin classes, FUEGO provides a full body BURN that aims to activate the core and the posterior chain, all the while striving to achieve new levels of cardiovascular strength and endurance in participants.

    This high energy class is structure...


    Episode 11

    The SWEAT spin ride brings Val's signature heat to the studio, combining cadence, endurance and choreography in a 30 minute session that was designed to get your blood flowing. Pushing the limits of each rider's abilities to new heights with every interval, participants will be left feeling both ...

  • SPEED - SPINNING with VAL - #05

    Episode 12

    The SPEED spin ride focuses more heavily on interval training than any of the previous instalments of our spinning series. Utilizing all the traditional elements of the BURN method, Val is intent on coaching riders to adopt the perfect form during the sprints, encouraging a level of athletic rigo...