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  • 20min Back/Bicep/Core LIFT

    Val and Vagg Troulis join forces to bring you a quick, 20-min workout that focuses on activating the upper body and building strength. Ideally, this workout is to be performed with two different sizes of dumbbells but can be adapted accordingly. Our coaches demonstrate different versions of the e...


    This 30-min hybrid workout combines some light cardio to get the blood flowing with some functional strength training and a full body stretch. Val focuses on both perfect form and improving overall posture. The workout calls for both a light set of dumbbells (ex: 5 lbs) and a mini band but can be...


    Val designed this 30-min mini band workout for those with little access to equipment and a finite amount of space at their disposal. Making use of a light or medium resistance mini band, the workout centers on a circuit that participants will complete twice, followed by a short stretch. It target...


    This 30-min HIIT workout is a full body workout that was designed for people who are travelling, with limited access to equipment and a finite amount of space to exercise in. That said, it’s just as perfect if you’re doing it from your living room!

    The way the workout is structured, each 1-min...

  • 20min Lower Body Xpress w VAL

    This 20-minute Lower Body Xpress workout was designed for runners but it is also ideal for cyclists or simply for anyone looking to build functional, unilateral lower body strength. It is highly effective, easily adaptable for all levels and focuses on connecting the mind and body through a serie...

  • 20min Upper Body Xpress w VAL

    This PUMP Upper Body Xpress class was designed by Val to target specific muscle groups as efficiently as possible in a short period of time. The 20-minute workout is structured around 3 different sets of drills that focus on antagonistic movements. Val works her way from the back/chest muscles, t...

  • 15min Xpress Lower Body & Core w Vagg

  • 20min Xpress Upper Body & Core HIIT w Cowan

  • 20min Power Barre Xpress with Jen P.

  • 20min Xpress Lower Body HIIT

  • 20min Xpress Core HIIT

  • 20min Xpress Upper Body HIIT

  • 20min Xpress Cardio HIIT